Friday, 25 April 2014

Perspective - trilogy

Over the last two posts I have been talking about how light can bring us pain, or relive our pain. The exact same phenomenon can have opposite effects on people, even the same person. Intense light in the desert, well who likes that? The glimmer of light in the peak of a winter storm, doesn't that bring hope? Context my friends, context.

Bringing together people with disparate and divergent views on any topic will likely bring some heated debate, maybe even name calling, possibly gestures of endearment. When we approach a topic, or problem, from different perspectives naturally we are going to have different points of view. The fog of disagreement can quickly degenerate the entire discussion into a mire of jingoism serving only to inhibit our ability to listen and empathise with others. We haven't even begun integrating emotions and values into the landscape of this discussion.

Foggy Day in #Townsville
Are we driven more by our emotions, values, logic or apathy. What is more relevant?
a) on a cold winters day to know that logically if we light a fire we will get warmer,
b) to become so lethargic due to the cold that you'd rather snuggle under the dooner?
c) whinge about your pain and discomfort to the government, it's their fault anyway?
d) Pretend we can fix it later, right before the fear of death overtakes us.

Extreme examples I know, but what does it take for us to look at our lives and understand happiness is not a constant state? I know what it takes - community. Strong relationships to help others gather the wood to light the fire. Strategic thinkers who can point to the fallacies of modern political thought as short-term and ultimately self-destructive. Close friends with the strength of character to shine light into our lives and point out our misunderstandings with love and respect. 

Spin Your Web Little Spider

So is the light good or bad? Is the dark good or bad? Both exist and therefore we need to work with what we've got. The light can bring pain when it uncovers areas of hurt deep within us, yet the dark can bring joy allowing for times of rest and reflection. Conversely the dark can bring grief by shrouding issues we need to confront and light can delight by illuminating the possible.

Moss grows in damp dark conditions. Is it unhappy?

Just because you are not brimming with happiness today doesn't mean your life is shite. Don't despair because you cannot perceive hope, just do what is within your power. But most of all I hope we have the courage to shine the light from within ourselves, thereby showing respect to the world around us.

Until next time,
Let's Drive,

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