Sunday, 11 May 2014

Capturing The Serenity

How do we capture the serenity? This is a question I asked myself whilst driving through the countryside the other day. The sound of leaves rusting in the autumn breeze. The constant burbling sound as water passes over a rocky creek bed. The ability of the emptiness to sooth the very soul, even though the temperature is still 30 degrees Celsius. How can we capture that and put it in a bottle.

Meanwhile back in reality land,  am sure if this was possible some giant multi-national corporation would have done it by now. But I am glad they haven't. Instead, somehow, we have been cocooned into thinking that virtual reality is a great substitute. Compared to watching a show about 4 Wheel Driving and actually being there, I know which I'd choose (including: alligators, green ants, mosquito's, etc).

They don't call it Alligator Creek for fun
And out here we are not scared of the alligators, believe it or not. Mostly we can see and hear them coming, if you're not in the water that is. And that's the way it is in life too. Those really big mistakes: we can here them coming, real friends warn us, we get unsettled feelings, the local environment starts to churn like the waters around an alligators tail. Of course these events can really cause us a lot of pain, even kill. What about the smaller pains we constantly endure?

Green Ants Hurt - a lot
Whilst one bite from a green ant (Oecophylla smaragdina) can inflict a lot of localised pain. The green torso contains an acid which causes severe irritation to the skin. Their colonies are in the leaves of trees woven together with a silk like substance. All very interesting I know, but the point is if you aren't constantly on the lookout for these little buggahs, BANG. Isn't it the same in life, just when we are sitting back and relaxing something, or someone, jumps up and bites us on the ass? There goes the serenity.

Can you see that tree in the foreground lying across the track? That's where the green ants were tracking. Right where you'd put your hand to steady yourself as you climbed over this obstacle. Perhaps it can be likened to a simple change in routine; where we are unaware of the potential hazards. Education and awareness campaigns can reduce the risk, but very rarely can the hazard be eliminated. 

What green ants do you have in your life that cause pain to your minds and hearts? I do not think for one minute we can kill all the green ants in the world, in your life, but with good friends we can help deal with the pain. Then we can get back to enjoying the serenity.

There are hazards all around us, so many activities we undertake are risky and therefore potentially painful. We need to refute this zero harm mentality becoming so prevalent in today's culture and accept the consequences of our actions, or life will disappear before our eyes in this altered state of virtual reality. Then we will come close to living serenely knowing that, unfortunately, whilst pain is part of life it is NOT a state of being.

Let's Drive,


  1. You & Jenny both captured some wonderful shots. I was wondering about that name...Alligator Creek. Yikes. 30 degrees Celsius sounds wonderful to me. We have waited so long for some warmth to return.
    Always enjoy your "view."

  2. Thank you Victoria for your kind words.
    Please note:
    The views expressed on this blog are my own and any correlation with reality is purely coincidental ;)