Friday, 6 June 2014

Hidden Resources

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  1. Hi Mark;

    I appreciate your appreciation of the landscape of God's world. You capture the sweeping landscape and delicate flowers with your camera. You stop to help a turtle and take time for a long journey to a small, remote town and appreciate its charm. You are a good writer and a wise man Mark. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world!

  2. Hey Michael, I am working on improving my writing skills and as for wise, well we both know where that is coming from. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I do love your photos....there is something very special about the out back or anywhere that isn't in the city. It was good to read this article and feel the analogy that you were making and it really has made me want to look a bit more closely at everyday things that can get blown out of proportion.
    For the last 18 years I've worked in retail and I can say I'm not happy with how things are changing whether it be to do with company policies or the attitude of some of the public.
    Anyway enough of that....I just wanted to say thank you for the thought provoking articles you write...we all need to be challenged.

    Kind regards
    Western Australia

  4. Hi Sue, thanks for commenting. We loved the southern regions of WA when we were there :) Too much of today's media revolves around banal self-interest, so I'm glad to offer something a bit different.