Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stepping Into Your Future

Recently on a day trip to a small country town I drove past this funny sight. My first impression was to laugh and fool around. Guess that just highlights my dry and laconic sense of humour. A few photographs later and I had this brilliant idea. (well I thought it was brilliant :P)

Stepping Into Your Future

When you think about building your home what do you really desire? When you look into your future, what do you see? Just before you open that door what are you hoping is on the other side? Yeah, I know they are deep questions and all the hippies cry out 'Heavy Man'. Are we aware of what we are putting into our future?

We build our futures with our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations. What we think about, what we focus on becomes our future. Whether you believe it or not, our thoughts are the building blocks of our future homes. Sometimes we may have original thoughts and sometimes we merely regurgitate what we are immersed in or recycle the topical conversation of the moment. Whatever was on last nights news or current affairs program.

It's been a week since I last watched the news, yep I tossed that crap away for 7 whole days. And I must admit that my focus has changed noticeably. Yeah sure there are still problems in my life but I'm not focused on them, instead I am asking myself 'where are the solutions'? Why would we take the negativity of the #massmedia and try to build a positive future? Recycling might be a good thing for conserving the natural environment, but why would we even attempt to build a house from rotten wood? Neither will society succeed in building a tolerant and compassionate culture by constantly focusing on problems and negativity.

Let me #encourage you to unplug from the media, even if it's just the news, for a week. Find some inspirational stuff to fill your minds. Your favourite novel, comic strip, movie, poem, music, heck get on YouTube if you want to and watch clips about heroes to gain some inspiration. You can change your mind, you can chose which way to turn, you can decide what to build your future home with. It's personal, it's private and it's real.

Until next time,


  1. Awesome! You inspire me every day, even though you don't know it. Off to watch an old movie....

  2. Funny thing about your topic of conversation that I'm reading today Mark.
    I've not long arrived home after having four nights away with my quilting girlfriends....we stayed in Dwellingup and where we stay there are no TV's or radios and phone reception is almost non existent. It was bliss not being bombarded with the negativity...although we did try to solve the worlds you would expect.
    It was the most wonderful time.

    Western Australia

    1. Dwellingup is a beautiful part of Western Australia #jealous Glad you had a good break