Thursday, 10 April 2014

Enjoying The Journey

Hi All,

This week I've been away from home for work. It was only a short 800km round trip over a couple of days, but it is always great to be back home.

The route I took this week was the same, as the last time I did this exact same trip. So on the way home I thought I'd take the time and go a slightly longer, but different way. How lucky I am to have a life where I can spend an extra hour travelling 300 odd kilometres. It makes no difference to the business, but it makes a huge difference to me. I don't get home all wound up and irate because of delays caused by traffic, roadworks, etc

Hinchinbrook Island, Cardwell

There aren't too many places on the planet where tropical islands spring up along the coast as you drive along a main highway. Hinchinbrook Island is one of those places where yachts and large boats from all over the world travel to in order to enjoy the relaxed island lifestyle. There it is, just out of reach. No way am I swimming in croc and shark infested waters to get there!!! I guess that only adds to Hinchinbrook Island's exclusivity?

The Great Barrier Reef and all its coral coves are within easy reach from this island. Whale watching and brilliant off shore fishing expeditions are launched from there. But today I am land bound in a Toyota, so off we go.

Another great spot I drove by 

Mena Creek Falls

What is it about the sound of running water? I could of sat there till dark just listening to the water, the birds, the kids on school holidays screaming as they run around the parklands. Oh well, almost perfect hey? (chuckling to self) Who invented school holidays anyway? (bahaha)

Umm, this doesn't look like a highway (not even by Australian standards). 

Liverpool Creek
Notice the rope swing on the left? Well the kids on holidays, camping with their parent, were putting it to good use. Isn't it amazing how far some families will go to be together? Good on them!

Anyway, thank goodness for GPS systems. Next time, maybe you can take the long way home too?

Let's Drive,


  1. As I drove the road for many years to come home on some weekends I quickly learned that it is not the travel time but what was at the end of the journey that made it worthwhile. But it sounds like you have found the best of both worlds. I'd say that was a good week!