Monday, 14 April 2014

Boring ...

Townsville weekend!

Stuck inside for most of the weekend as a weather event called Cyclone Ita blew past.
Changed the ordinarily placid scenery into something else.

Barron River Falls in full flood
Yes it was windy and yes it was wet, but it was only a small one. Funny isn't it, I always wondered why people would want to live where it snows. BRRRRR - no thanks. But people look at us and think we're crazy for living in cyclone alley. Although many new residents get anxious about these weather events, I will find it hard to get excited about a Category 1 ever again.

Here's last weekend's storm.
Cyclone Ita 2014 approaching the coast

And to put it into PERSPECTIVE, here is Cyclone Yasi (2011) overlaid on a map of America.

Cyclone Yasi 2011

Yes there was a bit of wind and some low lying areas were inundated by the 1.8 metres storm surge. I did sneak out to capture some pictures during the eye of the cyclone.

Aplin Weir on Ross River #Townsville.

But as quick as the cyclone came, it left again. Looking back it was the media build up which seemed to intensify everyone's fear. There's a difference between an information update e.g. cyclone tracking southwest at 20km/h and an attention grabbing headline e.g. Cylone has the power to take lives. Sheesh. But thank God we have the ability to know they're coming now. Technology can be a wonderful thing!

All gone this morning, the sky is clear, the breeze is cool, most homes in Townsville have power back and I've got a busy work schedule. Here's to a great week everyone.

Let's Drive,


  1. Well I am that crazy one that lives with snow & this year it was the never-ending winter. Now it is the melt from all that snow & rain. Sump pumps are mandatory in this area as we sit on bedrock. I must say, Australia is looking tempting! Have a great week yourself.

  2. Sump pumps and snow melts hey Victoria? It's amazing how we all adapt to our surroundings. Thanks for the comments :)