Thursday, 17 April 2014


The heat was scorching, the light so intense we could hardly see. We were wincing from the pain behind our minds eye but knew if we didn't keep moving nothing would change. We had no thoughts of direction, anywhere would be better than here right now. We were screaming from the depth of our beings for relief yet the inertia of our minds and the entropy of the moment were proving extremely difficult to overcome. The action we needed to take was a decisive choice; stay or move. It was that simple.

Courage, my friends, was what was required. Though we were bathed in intense light, it was as if our very souls were shrouded in the thickest of darkness. The torment was coming in waves of increasing intensity and the rage rose and fell in opposition to feelings of utter desperation. Running on raw will power we wondered if we had enough energy to take action - any action.

So with all the effort we could summon (you choose):

We rise in support of each other and push back at the issue causing our pain,
We reach for a bottle of our favourite XYZ to sooth our cares away,
We slowly turn from the intensity of the situation and shrink a little inside, or
We scream at the world, at the top of our lungs, before returning to our lot in life.

Isn't it ironic then that the choices we make define us and not our circumstances? Isn't it amazing that the very society we rely on for support doesn't want to get involved? Whilst the internet is a great enabler for communication, there isn't anything quite like a having an arm around our shoulder! When everyone is talking, but no one is listening - when a person is trapped inside whilst surrounded by other people who can't notice - when the capitalist driven media tell us to consume and everything will be alright AND we believe it? As a social network, which choice do we make?

We all share this one planet. We all have so much in common. The inter-connectedness is what is lost to our modern culture. We don't need to see the news to ascertain the consequences of capitalist psychology on society, we can all feel the effects. Here is a video which may help us to gain some immediate perspective.

Bah, it's probably Easter and thoughts of Jesus getting nailed to a cross that somehow lessen our temporary pain. To think of this physical life as one part of our eternal existence helps immensely with perspective. In this increasingly fragmented and selfish culture it is reassuring to know that we are all connected to the eternal spirit of God whose grace and mercy knows no bounds.

Here's hoping we can all gain a sense of perspective and connect with family and friends over this long weekend. And I personally wish everyone of you the courage to connect with the Jesus who bore all our pain on the cross all those years ago.

Let's Drive,


  1. So beautifully said! Your writing, the depth of feeling and truth in it take my breath away and I join Jenny in saying Amen and Amen...God Bless and Keep. Nancy Jo

  2. Well said. It is the same conversation my stitching group had this week. People are so hesitant to reach out to someone in distress.
    Easter thoughts to you from Canada where it is still too cold to go without a warm coat!