Monday, 17 March 2014


Of the many response we humans can have, some we enjoy and some we don't. Frustration is a response we can have, a natural response, to events, people and life in general. There are many so called expert psychological theorists who will tell us that frustration is negative and to be avoided at all costs. Somehow our modern western culture has come to accept the proposition that; there is something wrong with us if we experience these so called 'negative' emotional responses.

I would argue, dear friends, frustration is good ! Why? Because it can point us toward things that we find unacceptable in our lives and help us design a reasoned response which can ultimately displace the frustration. Yes, this would require mental effort, reflection, dedication to change, goal setting, good friends and perhaps some kind of coach or mentor. Hard work as opposed to numbing the feelings with alcohol or reaching for a bottle of the latest prescription containing Fluoxetine.

I for one am frustrated by huge multi-national corporations controlling the political direction of my country. I am frustrated by police who enforce the rights of faceless corporations over living breathing human beings. I am frustrated by politicians who get a 42% pay rise but couldn't be bothered, taking a few weeks or months to draft worthwhile legislation. I guess frustration can also spring from not getting what we want, because to consume new things and ideas will bring us happiness right?

Stop listening to the mainstream media; just because it's on Facebook doesn't make it true. (or my blog for that matter) Be encouraged - it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you because you are not ecstatic 24 hours a day.  Just because we don't like certain feelings doesn't mean they're not a valid and reasonable response in your life. Make an emotional contract with yourself. Find a great trustworthy friend to help you develop your goals and stick to the plans.

And if your problems seem to big to overcome ... remember one man stopped four tanks that day!

Tiananmen Square

Let's Drive,

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