Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I'm Positive (well mostly)

Work - arrggghhh. Phone rings, another problem to solve. Whether it's teenagers poor attitudes in the workplace, students behind on payment plans, supervisors unable to communicate effectively with employees, customer complaints about quality of repairs, the list goes on and on ....

It is truly amazing that tradespeople are so inept in other areas of their lives. We constantly bang on about, servicing vehicles, maintaining tyre pressures, keeping filters clean, checking lights, fluid levels, wiper blades etc. Keeping an eye on these little things will generally prevent the big things from breaking. Our last family car had regular fluid changes and it was still running strong with 240,000 km's on the clock. Shouldn't people realise prevention is better than a cure, in all aspects of life?

But it's OK, we're home just in time for dinner and to watch the evening news. Depression city, more problems, more focus on the day's tragedys without any real solutions being offered. So, quick summary of the news so we don't have to watch it tonight. Politicians are liars, tragic accidents happen, business dealings are corrupt, people do some really sick and harmful stuff to each other,  famous celebrities are self obsessed, sports people aren't perfect role models. Oh and I almost forgot, it'll probably rain tomorrow - or not.

Why has our capitalist, media driven, democratic culture, become so focussed on the negative and problems? Why are so many people unable to take small steps in preventing issues from escalating? Why am I worrying about things I cannot change? Because they affect me and you, our thought patterns are shaped by what happens around us. So that's why I went for a walk.

The River Bed

Walking in the Australian bush is wonderful and inspiring. Looking for beauty, as opposed to looking for problems. It's an absolute change in mindset. It's refreshing, let us breathe again. Ahhh, 'The Serenity'.

Water Too
The sound of running water, how soothing is that? Abundant bird life filing the air with their calls, wallabys scampering nimbly across the rocky slopes, snakes slithering silently through the thick undergrowth, insects buzzing around our heads and the wind gently rustling the leaves of the majestic trees.

Jourama Water Falls

Hours later we left the Paluma Range National Park. Physically exhausted, but mentally relaxed, emotionally recharged and spiritually refreshed.

There are problems in the Australian landscape, I hear you say? Yeah, but it's only the tourists who seem to freak out about the 101 assorted deadly species of animals, insects and even plants trying to kill us. I hope you get to experience the beauty of your natural surroundings this weekend. Look after the little things, enjoy and recharge!

Let's Drive,


  1. For sure. I am going to get out there & watch that snow melt. It has been a hairy Canadian winter. You may have all those deadly species but I enjoyed the pictures you & Jenny took on your walk.

  2. Thanks Victoria. Hope we get to see some of your Canadian countryside soon?

  3. Enjoy the pictures you and Jenny take on your outings - thank you for sharing them with all of us. On the media focusing on the negative...I think their consumers want that most of the time because it makes them feel better about where they are in their miserable little lives. If everything they see on the telly is negative, then their life isn't so terrible. As limiting as our governments have become, I think most people limit themselves even more through fear and ignorance. Are we truly living or just existing? You and Jenny choose to do I!!!

  4. Thank you Susan. You are right, it all to easy to be bound up in negativity and focus on the problems instead of the solutions.