Thursday, 13 March 2014


Walking, yep I'm walking around today, not driving. Walking is something that most of us take for granted. It is good for us on a number of levels; obviously physically because the blood starts pumping, the muscles get cleaned by oxygen rich blood and all the internal organs get moved around. This happens no matter the reason we walk. But sometimes walking can be good for us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Like the other day when I went for a stroll around the local dam with my wonder wife.

Birds On The Water
 The water is held back to provide a source of drinking water for Townsville as well as to mitigate flooding downstream. The birds enjoy the calm water and feed on many of the other species, which come seeking a drink. Whole ecosystems appear to be thriving in this place. And the cool breeze blowing off the water is a real bonus up here in the tropics. Yep, on the up stream of the dam life is grand.

Walking further around the local dam we came to the spillway. It always amazes me how these giant concrete and metal monsters don't leak. These marvels of engineering are great for maintaining the dam level, but not so great for down stream.

Ross River Dam, Townsville

Look at he colour of that water. Bleerrrrkkkkk. Water that doesn't move soon starts to grow, becoming rich in bacteria and algal blooms. The contrast in water quality between both sides of the dam wall, could not have been more obvious.

Does this same stillness create stagnation in all areas of our lives? Mental stagnation from shying away from ideas different to our own. Emotional stagnation from remaining in our own little comfort zone? Spiritual stagnation because we are isolated from other people and nature.

Let's do something today that scares us, something that is out of our comfort zone, something that will move those stagnant waters. Connect with a stranger, listen to a broadcast on TED, walk around and find something positive to appreciate. Whatever you choose to do, may it flush all the toxins from your downstream.

Let's Drive,

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